“I love being a dentist! Helping the community of Webster and the surrounding areas improve their oral health is how I give back to this great community. Thank you to all of our valued patients. We love you and consider you part of our family.” Dr. Virgadamo

A Brief History

Dr. Virgadamo was raised in Newport Rhode island. His father and grandfather, which are the gentleman in the pictures on the wall behind Dr. Virgadamo, were both attorneys and financial supporters of Tufts University. Dr. Virgadamo attended Tufts University but not as a lawyer. He wanted to serve his community through becoming a doctor. He entered the dental program and graduated in 1972 from Tufts with his dental degree. He began practicing as an associate dentist with Dr. Dupont in 1975 in Webster, MA. After nearly a decade of working with Dr. Dupont; in 1985 he started his own practice in Webster, MA. He’s been practicing dentistry in Webster since that time and has been at the current location since 1995.

Service to Our Country

Many people may not know that Dr. Virgadamo is retired from the military. He served in the reserves for twenty years as a section chief in the 399 combat support hospital. There he served his countrymen with with his training and skill in dentistry and oral surgery.

Life in Webster, MA

He and his wife Donna currently live in Webster where they enjoy traveling and spending time with their two dogs, Penny and Copper. Penny is a miniature Collie and Copper is a Golden Retriever. His lovely spouse Donna, the office manager, sells life insurance on the side with Cymmetry Financial.